Animated Hockney Ipad drawing here now!















This drawing – reproduced on page 199 of A Bigger Message:Conversations with David Hockney, was drawn by David Hockney on his ipad. To see the iPad drawing illustrated on page 199 re-draw itself click here, with the picture being built up stroke by stroke – showing exactly the process by which Hockney produced it. 

5 thoughts on “Animated Hockney Ipad drawing here now!”

  1. Thanks for showing this.
    I was amazed when I discovered this process on my iPad.
    I like the idea of producing a forever unfinished picture. I can add something new everyday till the iPad runs out of memory. When a picture is finished it is dead. I have enjoyed your Bigger Message book. Very encouraging and informative.

  2. After reading “a bigger message” twice, I bought an iPad. DH, long-time favorite & inspiration. Made special trip to NYC to see recent works & then enjoyed reading about in your interviews. Kudoes to both of you!

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