TV appearance on BBC’s The One Show

I appeared on the BBC’s The One Show with Gyles Brandreth talking about John Constable and the effect his love affair with Maria had on his work.

This was due to my specialist interest in the subject as explored in my book   ‘Constable in Love‘.

Here’s a clip from the show…

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  1. I only just now thought that maybe you could have a web site or a portal .
    I now can say that being an art critic is doing art in itself. When we discussed architecture projects with Josep Quetglas at my PHD curses of Architecture in Barcelona with him , he always said we had to look at the project and make theorical architecture. That is exactly what you donin your books make theorical art and by doing so you make art. Very very pecisly art that could therefor critic again by another art critic and so on.

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